Recent Clients:

State Library of Kansas

Performed analysis and developed guide to Kansas statutes related to Public Libraries.

Southeast Kansas Regional Library System & Iola, KS Public Library

Conducted national executive search for new joint director for the Southeast Kansas Regional Library System (SEKLS) and the Iola, KS Public Library. (November 2020- April 2021)

Park County Library System, Cody, Wyoming

Conducted facility needs assessment for the Powell Branch Library of the Park County Library System. A statement of space needs was developed based on examination of the current facility, analysis of statistical data, and a community engagement process that included focus groups, community forums, and individual and group interviews.

Southwest Kansas Regional Library System

Served as interim system director and consultant. Performed assessment of system funding and operational issues, and assisted system board in search for system director. (November 2017 – August 2018)

Connecticut Library Consortium

Developed Request for Proposals for library delivery service. (May 2017)

Henry County Library, McDonough, Georgia

Facilitated strategic planning process. (February – June 2017)

Connecticut State Library

Conducted an assessment of the DeliveriT CT statewide library delivery service including a best practices study of statewide and multistate delivery systems. (January 2017).

Uinta County Library, Evanston, Wyoming

Conducted an assessment of library operations and finances (October 2016).

Middle Georgia Regional Library, Macon, Georgia

Facilitated strategic planning process (March – May, 2016).

Northeast Kansas Library System

Conflict resolution consulting: Pomona Public Library (March, 2016)

Friends of Johnson County Library

Facilitated strategic direction prioritization and goal setting retreat. (February 2016)

Kansas Library ExpressStatewide courier service evaluation and expansion. (2015)

  • Advising courier service policy committee and administrators on establishing interstate courier connections.
  • Advising on contract negotiation with delivery vendor.

Previously Jim Minges, consultant, was administrator of the Kansas Library Express courier service from 2009 to 2014.

Independence, Kansas Public Library (December 2014)

Board Teamwork Development Consulting

State Library of Kansas

Statewide open source integrated library system planning (2015)

  • Research of Evergreen consortial installations.
  • Coordination of discussions for regional system directors and State Library personnel with Pines and Mobius Evergreen consortia staff.
  • Coordination of discussion of transition of regional catalogs and statewide interlibrary loan system to a statewide open source integrated library system.

Northeast Kansas Library System

Executive Transition Coaching (2015)

  • Mentoring and consulting for interim system director.
  • Orientation and consultation with new system director.
  • Assistance in negotiation of interstate courier services.

Previous Clients:

Leavenworth Kansas Public Library

Strategic Planning (2013)

Facilitated strategic planning process including:

  • Individual intervews with planning team members.
  • Individual and group interviews with library staff.
  • Facilitate planning team meetings.
  • Writing strategic plan, including vision and values statements, goals and objectives.

SEFLIN (Southeast Florida Library Information Network)

Program Assessment (with associate Brenda Hough)

Evaluated SEFLIN continuing education program, including structure and goals of the SEFLIN “Community of Learning” program, training content and delivery modes, SEFLIN web site and other communication channels, follow-up support for program participants, and tools for future assessment of continuing education programs. Joint consultation project in association with Brenda Hough.

North Kansas City Public Library

Strategic Planning, organizational change, program assessment

  • Facilitated Strategic Planning Process with library board, staff and community stakeholders.
  • Consulted with staff and board in organizational transition.
  • Conducted study of library business service program.

Dodge City Public Library and Southwest Kansas Library System:

Organizational change (With associate Ellen Miller)

Facilitated organizational restructuring from coadministered operation to separation of administration and operations of the two organizations to reflect their differing missions and requirements. Joint consultation project in association with Ellen Miler.

Nebraska Library Commission:

Facilitated and coordinated the Continuous Library Improvement Program, the streamlined public library planning process for Nebraska public libraries, including statewide promotion and facilitation of planning process with individual public libraries.

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