Welcome to Minges & Associates

Minges & Associates provides planning and management consulting services to the leaders of libraries and library organizations. We provide planning, facilitation and support to enable libraries to envision and achieve change. Jim Minges is founder and consultant for Minges & Associates. He has provided library planning and consulting services to public libraries, library cooperatives and state libraries for more than forty years.

Services provided by Minges & Associates include:

  • Public libraries:
    • Planning: we design and facilitate common sense planning processes that fit the resources and level of effort that your library is able to invest.
    • Organizational change: We work with you through organizational restructuring and change.
    • Board and executive development: We are your advisors and mentors in developing stronger leadership.
    • Small and rural library consulting: we have worked in more than 300 communities of all sizes, and can provide consulting services that are practical and affordable for smaller libraries with limited resources.
    • We can assist with succession planning , and provide an interim director if requested.
  • State libraries, library systems and consortia:
    • Planning, facilitation, and evaluation services for state library agencies, regional systems and consortia.
    • Coordination and support for regional or statewide cooperative programs.
    • Consulting and planning for resource sharing programs, including shared library automation systems and delivery services.



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