Welcome to Minges & Associates


Minges & Associates provides planning and management consulting services to the leaders of libraries and library organizations. Jim Minges is founder and consultant for Minges & Associates. He has provided library planning and consulting services to public libraries, library cooperatives and state libraries for more than forty years.

Services provided by Minges & Associates include:

  • Common sense planning: Are you finding it difficult to engage in planning that makes a real difference in your library? We design and facilitate planning processes that fit the resources and level of effort that your library is able to invest.
  • Small and rural library consulting: we have worked with small and rural libraries since 1973, and provide consulting services that are practical and affordable for smaller libraries with limited resources.
  • Consortial programs: we plan, facilitate programs for state library agencies, regional systems and consortia.
  • Organizational change. Change can be an intimidating process. We will be your partners in walking down the path of change to reach new levels of library service.
  • Board and executive development: We are your advisors and mentors in developing stronger leadership.



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